CATA+ Privacy Policy

Last updated 2018-08-26

CATA+ takes your personal information seriously, that's why we don't collect any personal information that could be used to identify you or your specific device except where required by Google billing or as performed by Google services. Google's privacy policy for data collected by apps is here
By installing or using CATA+ you are agreeing to the following privacy policy and consent to the following data collection policies:

Information We Collect
CATA+ collects anonymous information about your usage including Android version, device model, routes viewed, screens viewed, update attempts, and other app related statistics. A random identifier is used to track a specific install. If you reinstall or clear the cache of the app, a new identifier that cannot be tied to the previous one will be created. If you purchase premium, Google provides us with billing information such as your name and zip code.

How This Information Is Used
The information collected is used to see how users use the app in an aggregate form and to identify issues that people experience. This can help us identify ways to improve the app by seeing how most users use it as well as to find problem areas where people are having trouble. If you have any questions or concerns please contact [email protected]. Billing information is not used except in the context of billing related activities. It will not be used for promotions or provided to third parties except where required by law.

Information We Do Not Collect
CATA+ will not collect or use personal information or information that can uniquely identify you or your device such as your name, phone number, email, or device unique identifier, except in the case of billing information or other data collected directly by Google services, but not shared with CATA+. CATA+ will not collect information you define such as Route Group names.

Additional Policies from Google
Through the ads shown in the app and other Google services used by CATA+, Google does collect and use some information in accordance with the policy defined here.

Future Changes
We reserve the right to change this privacy policy in the future and your continued use of CATA+ constitutes acceptance of such changes. The most up-to-date privacy policy can be found on the CATA+ page on Google Play.